Bring Out the Kid in Dad for Christmas With the Best Toys for Grown Ups

Just because you’re Dad is an adult doesn’t mean he doesn’t like toys. The only difference is his toys are usually found in the electronics or automotive section of the store. Below are some great gift ideas for men who need some fun with grown up toys and to bring out the kid in your Dad!

Best Toys for Grown Ups-Electronic Gift Ideas for Dads

A great Christmas gift for your Dad that could also be considered a toy is a new cell phone, iPod, or an e-reader. Your Dad might feel like a kid on Christmas morning if you give him the latest cell phone that is full of apps, games, and everything he needs to keep himself entertained with a phone.

An Ipod is another one of the best Christmas gifts for Dad that he can have so much fun with. With the latest version of the Ipod, the Apple iPod touch 32 GB (4th Generation). He can download music, movies, and more with his iPod while also having a basic web browser on it. It has a built in digital cameras for the front and the back, so with the 4th Generation iPod you could be giving him an iPod and a digital camera at the same time!

If your Dad loves to read then a great grown up toy could be an e-reader. The Kindle, The Nook, and the Ipad are three great e-readers that make perfect gifts for Dad. Some e-readers allow you to not only download movies, but also allow you to download magazines as well! E-readers are one of the top holiday gifts for Dads and all grown-ups!

Best Toys for Grown Up-Automotive Gift Ideas for Dad

Want to give your Dad a cool toy for his car? If so, a nice GPS navigation system may be a great Christmas gift for Dad. The Garmin Nuvi 255w Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator is a hot item. Not only will he never be lost again, it has simple controls, clear and concise turn by turn directions, displays the posted speed limit on the road which you are currently on several more features.

Finding the best Christmas gift for Dad can be hard; but if you want to bring the kid out in your Dad then I suggest some of the gift ideas listed above. Grown up toys are some of the top holiday gifts for men and are easy to find. Just head to the electronics or automotive section and be amazed at the gadgets that will make perfects gifts for Dad and the unique gift ideas to bring out the kid in your Dad.

Top 6 Toys For Big Boys This Christmas

If you are always in a quandary as to the best toys for big boys, you will know this is usually because you are spoilt for choice. So if you are looking for the top toys for adults to give away to your men, here is today’s list of 6 must-have gadgets:

1. Warburtons Toastie Knife

The Warburtons Toastie Knife becomes hot up to 41.8 degrees Celsius, which is basically good enough to spread butter. Powered by two AA batteries in the handle, it would surely melt the butter and spread it with ease. It is easily operated with a single push of a button. The function of a heating LED is indicated by a flashing light and after 30 seconds you could melt and spread the butter on your top of your bread. It is cool gadgets for men indeed.

2. Self-stirring mug

Self-stirring mug is a mug that stirs itself. This is indeed the most high-tech mug in the world. You could stir your mug sans the help or use of a spoon. The mug has an impeller which impels movement inside the mug. Moreover, it comes with a travel lid which prevents spillout. This is designed to prevent injury by preventing spillout of hot water on your skin.

3. Grenade mug

Grenade mug is a cool gadgets for men with a highly innovative designed mug which looks like a grenade. The point in the design is to infuse some element of excitement and danger in an otherwise very pleasant way of drinking tea. The mug looks like a grenade with military logo. It’s dishwasher safe and makes a cup of tea look ominously challenging. The thought of pouring hot water on a grenade mug usually gives you the impression that it will definitely explode on impact. It’s cool to give away as a gift.

4. Shocking lie detector

I guess this is a wonderful gift to your guy which may make him wary of telling you some lies. Shocking lie detector is very easy to use. You just have to put the hand of your guy on the strap of the lie detector. Then, you can ask some questions for which the lie detector would do some baseline reading. The lie detector would punish the liar with a nasty snap every time he tells a lie. The gadget has two levels of shocks, high and low. It is operated by 3x AA batteries.

Top Toys for Boys – Lie Detector

5. Wibit Sports Park 60

Well this is ideal if you are going on a vacation and you are in the mood to create your own park in the open water. This is a good gift for your guy as the head of the family empowering him to create your dream water park. The park takes around 3 hours to inflate using an electric pump. This is the ultimate water toy for your guy.

6. Triax 50 Aluminum watch

This types of cool gadgets for men will perfectly match the physique of your athletic guy. This is an ideal gift to your man because every man needs two watches, one for his formal gatherings and one for his sporting events. Nike’s Triax 50 addresses the basic need of man for a sportwatch.

Air Pistols Are a Cool Toy For Pre-Teens and Adults Alike

Air pistols, what are they?

That is an excellent question.

They are cool little guns that shoot bb’s. They are replica and life like looking right down to the color and look and shape.

You can get pistols that look like glocks, remingtons, and smith & Wesson pistols. The air pistols have the look and shape of the real thing. I have to warn you though, these guns can be dangerous. They only shoot with a small air blast and it is only a bb but it can still hurt, puncture the skin if close enough range, and can definitely put out an eye.

So caution is the word when using air pistols. Standard gun safety applies. No waving them around at people. And keep the safety on until you’re ready to fire.

You must train your son or daughter to use it before turning them loose with it. They can play with it and have fun safely and you can be the Christmas hero. They do make a great gift.

Some of the models are capable of 300 feet per second speed on the bb’s. To compare most real guns propel bullets at 1000-2000 feet per second. So obviously, you can see a world of differencein the speeds between the real thing and the ‘faux’ thing.

Air pistols are not nor ever were intended to be real dangerous guns. They are almost a hybrid operating in between the level of toy water gun (ala supersoaker) and a real gun like a glock .45 caliber or a .357 magnum.

They do have safeties on the air pistols for the sake of caution and avoiding unwanted firing. I had never heard of these before my brother told me about them.

In doing some checking I learned quite a bit about what is a surprisingly large market. Many people use and are enthusiastic about these little air pistols and have lots of fun using them.

Here are some safety tips to start teaching your kid:

As always point away from your own face
Point away from any and all people. NEVER point at anyone
Keep it unloaded at all times except when you are firing it
Keep the safety on at all times except when you are firing it
Keep barrel clear of debris. Never stick in the mud or other obstructing things
Make sure you know what is PAST your target before you fire. If someone is behind your target then don’t shoot until they are clear of your line of fire.

Those are some basic tips. You know your kids better than I do so take the basics I’ve given you and teach them exactly how to use the air pistol safely.

Your child will have crazy fun playing with these safely and love you for giving it to them.

Alexander Alaric-achieves the best results possible for you. Be the hero to your child or loved one this year by giving fun for all ages Air Pistols

Cool Toys For Car Kids – Lego Racers, Remote Control Cars, Etc

If you walk into any classroom in the country, you’re going to have every little boy and girl pegged within a few minutes when it comes to what they’re into. That girl reading National Geographic loves animals, the boy over there doodling in his notebook and ignoring the teacher is the artist, and the kid holding his fists in the air in front of him going “Vrooooom, vroooommmmm! EEEEEE!” is obviously the one who’s into cars.

It’s one of those fascinations that, for many of us, begins in early childhood and carries right on into adulthood, and then right on into old age. While in real life, we may have to settle for a more affordable and modest vehicle, leaving the hot rods and custom machines to racers and movie stuntmen, the escapism of a good car chase flick, or just a walk through a classic car show leaves most adults with a smile on their face, thinking about what we could drive if only we didn’t have to hold down a job and maintain a respectable living!

If it’s your son or nephew who’s nuts about V8 engines and knows more about fuel injection than you do, here are a few words of advice: Encourage that. Whenever you go to work on the car, let the boy tag along, explain to him what you’re doing and allow him to help out. At the very least, you’re going to raise a kid who can take care of these things for himself when he reaches driving age. And secondly, keep encouraging his infatuation with cars with the right toys.

Some of the coolest cars toys actually come from Legos. Lego racers, for instance, are pretty cool. They let the kid put together a race car either based on the instructions, or they can build one of their own design.

And of course, you simply cannot go wrong with remote control cars. Back when we were kids, these were pretty much the cool toy, and they still are. Sure, you can play racing video games these days, but do racing games let you build your own race tracks in the backyard? Do you get the same viscera thrill racing in a video game that you do hearing the whirr and buzz of the electric motor of a remote control car? Can you set up a bunch of used soda cans and try to stage spectacular crashes into the stack? Remote control cars offer room for imagination that’s hard to attain with an Xbox controller.

And of course, if your kid is still a bit young for something as complex as a hundred piece lego set or a remote control car or something, there are plenty of things for the young, car loving child. Wooden toys, for example, They may not fulfill that need for speed, but they’re a safe, easy alternative when your kid is just obsessed with automotives and you know he’s not ready for something made for older children just yet. is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Kids Toys.